5 Items to Bring on Every Roadtrip

Plans set. Gas tank full. Bags packed. But wait, did you forget something?

No matter where you’re going, never forget these five absolute must-have roadtrip items.

  1. Extra Underwear. Seriously. I don’t know how many times I head out on the road, get to the destination and realize I only packed enough undies for two out of three nights. Underwear aren’t meant to be recycled. Save us all. Double-check your bag.
  2. First Aid Kit. This is one of the most frequently forgotten items, but a true life saver. Band-aids, pain reliever, a flashlight and a pocket knife could really come in handy.
  3. Water, water, water! Do yourself a favor … buy more water! No doubt, 30 minutes in you’ll get thirsty and stop at a gas station to pickup a $3 bottle of water. Had you thought about this ahead of time, you could’ve packed a 24 pack in your trunk for the same price. And should you ever break down in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be happier than ever you brought that fancy 24 pack with you.
  4. A pillow. Shotgun always dozes off. It’s fun to watch the repeat head-bob as they fall in and out of sleep. Can’t feel bad since they forgot a pillow to set against the window. Don’t be a head-bobber. Pack a pillow.
  5. AAA card. If you don’t have one, get one! It’s only $78 a year and could save you hundreds of dollars should anything bad happen to your car along the way. Check out the AAA perks for yourself. Thank me later.

Got all that? Good. Now hit the road and make some memories.


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