Ultimate Koh Samui Thailand Adventure: Quadrophenia ATV Mountain Tours

Want to get away from the relaxing Thailand beach scene and embark on the ultimate ballsy adventure through the jungles of Koh Samui? Quadrophenia ATV Mountain Tours is your jam.

This is Koh Samui’s hidden gem, located high up in the islands hills, far from tourist life.

The transport car from your hotel up the mountain.

For about $140, you’ll be transported from your hotel on a perilous car ride up ridiculously steep hills to meet Tom, the owner of Quadrophenia and your personal ATV tour guide.

And personal tour guide is key.

A few other ATV options are available on Koh Samui, all of which group you with several other guests. At Quadrophenia, it’s just you and Tom for the entire tour.

Right away, Tom shares his story. For starters, he’s not Thai. He moved to Koh Samui years ago and started his island life as a dive instructor. As he started a family and looked to expand his career, he found a relatively untapped tourist market – ATV tours. He jumped on an opportunity to start his own business.

After getting to know each other, it’s time to hop on an ATV and do a quick lesson in a turnout to get used to the bike. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to pros.

Once you’re comfortable, the trek begins. You’ll spend the next four hours or so traversing deserted back roads, some smooth and others filled with ruts. It’s not always the easiest adventure and has nerve racking moments, but you’ll quickly learn how the ATV maneuvers and gain confidence as the ride goes on.

An hour in, a stop is made at the mountain peak for a bathroom and water break. You’ll eat lunch here later in the day, and the view is top notch. Take some photos – it’s the perfect spot to show off your adventurous spirit to your friends and family.

Soon, you’re back on the trail. The next route takes you to a waterfall, located about a 10-minute walk off the ATV trail. Tom leaves you to hike the trail alone as he stays behind to make sure no one messes with the bikes. The falls are beautiful and the area fun to explore.


The food served at lunch is the best on Koh Samui.

Next up is lunch. The restaurant at the top of the hill has everything prepared and ready to serve – chicken curry, rice, vegetables and fruit. The curry is possibly the best you’ll find in Thailand. Endless soda and water are offered throughout the tour.

With lunch over, you head out on an extreme backcountry route if there’s extra time. Fields of green rush by as you zoom through the hills. You’ll make a quick stop at a temple to take in the views, and before you know it, you’re back at the starting point.

Gorgeous ocean views at a temple on the tour.

The past four hours rushed away, but the memories will remain for years. The mountain adventure ends, your clothes are covered in dirt and your body is consumed with exhaustion from full-body vibrations. But you conquered that mountain. And you regret nothing.

Get out there. Book a tour with Quadrophenia ATV Mountain Tours. It’s the best decision you’ll make in Thailand.



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