Best Hotel in San Francisco – Hotel G

So you’re heading to San Francisco and want to stay somewhere unique. That was our goal. Ideally, we wanted to find San Francisco’s best hotel. Somewhere trendy, not swanky. A safe place near Union Square with nice-sized rooms, creative design and friendly people – staff and guests alike – but not ridiculously expensive.

Hotel G is the spot – all puns intended.

We booked a three night stay to see if this place held up to our mighty high standards and are happy to report, we were blown away.

Hotel G’s unique vibes start before you even set foot inside. No glitz, no glam. No bellboys or valet dude waiting out front. Instead, a sign says hello and directs you inside to check-in. You’re welcome to valet by informing the staff upon check-in and they will swift your car away. No need to show off with fancy Mercedes lined up to look cool. That’s not what Hotel G is about.

San-Francisco---Hotel-G-LobbyInside, a small check-in desk is located just past the elevators around the bend to the right. The lobby is different. Not huge. Not lavish. Understated and to the point, while still managing to stimulate your mind.

The ceilings are old and floors are worn. Not ugly or broken – restored and renovated. The best way to describe it all is understated beauty – a nod to the past.

Concrete floors line the hallways and rooms. The Greatest King room – the room we choose – is the best of the best, complete with a little extra space and a relaxing seating area, awesome city views, and a heavenly bed. Plus, plush robes for two – the perfect attire to make your Instagram followers jealous of your getaway.

San-Francisco---Hotel-G-RoomAs hard as it is to leave the room, don’t call it a night just yet. Explore a little. After all, a visit to San Francisco would be a bust without some good food and great drinks.

Ask the staff in the lobby for tips on the best breweries and eats. They know their stuff, including directions to the coolest hidden bar around – just upstairs to the left.

It’s a hidden speakeasy where you’ll find masterfully-mixed drinks crafted by friendly bartenders. Just like Hotel G, the luxe vibes are left outside. Guests are happy, rarely obnoxious, and happy to be with good company.

San-Francisco---Hotel-G-ViewWake up in the morning and brew a complimentary Nespresso coffee. If you need a little pick-me-up, spike with some rum from the stocked fridge.

Try not to be too sad on your way out. You’ll be back, we promise. Maybe (hopefully) we’ll see you there.


The Must-Knows

  • Rating: 4.5 out of 5. We had some serious top-notch love for this hotel.
  • Price: About $180 per night, but rates vary and often cheaper on weekends than weekdays. Valet is an additional $60 per night.
  • Location: Union Square about a block away from the cable cars and still a safe distance away from the Tenderloin.
  • Website: Hotel G

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