Our Story

Traveling was never in the books for me when I was younger. Twenty years later, I took a roadtrip to San Francisco and realized I had been missing out on life. Traveling became more than just a fun getaway – it became my passion.

I’ve found that every journey starts with curiosity. Where am I going? What will I see? Who will I meet? I always feel a little lost at first. It’s part of the thrill.

That feeling quickly fades. New sights and sounds are etched into my mind. Strangers become friends. Hotels turn into home.

Cool people and hidden gems are scattered across the globe, waiting to be found. All of them have a story. Some happy, some sad. Some filled with sunshine and others filled with rain. No matter what their story is, my goal is simple: traverse from lost to local in each new land. 

The adventure starts now. Let’s go.

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