Bangkok’s Best Hotel: SO Sofitel

Three weeks in Thailand was catching up to me. The hustle of the city, questionable street food and moving between hotels was exhausting. With two nights left in Thailand, I made the best decision of the trip and booked a stay at SO Sofitel, Bangkok.

Walking up to the entrance, three staff members greeted me with smiling faces, opened the doors and escorted me in. SO Sofitel has a unique setup with the lobby a few floors up instead of on the ground floor and they made sure I knew exactly where to go.

The SO Sofitel Bangkok lobby and welcome drink.
Exiting the elevator, my jaw dropped. This was hands-down the greatest lobby view in any hotel. Floor-to-ceiling windows and trendy décor, complemented by a full-service mixology bar, overlooked Lumpini Park and the Bangkok skyline. Immediately, I was seated and being served a refreshing welcome drink full of magical elements that you don’t want to skip out on.

At SO Sofitel, each room floor is separated into five element themes – Earth, water, metal and wood. Earth was my choice.

The Earth element room decor at SO Sofitel Bangkok.
The room was incredible. Deep blue walls were offset with white drapes. A stunning bathroom with a massive bathtub and complementary grooming kits for both men and women begged me to jump in. And the complements didn’t stop there. A mini bar refrigerator was stocked with bottled water (a Thailand must), juices and sesame seed snacks.

Then there were the heavenly beds. Southeast Asia is infamous for its hard mattresses. Thailand is no exception, except  at SO Sofitel. This bed was magical, made even greater when the room lights dimmed at night and the Bangkok skyline illuminated in the distance.

Dessert at the Park Society restaurant on the top floor of SO Sofitel Bangkok.
I was on a mission to make the most of my last remaining Thailand nights, so I made a reservation at Park Society restaurant on the top floor of the hotel. It’s a world-renowned fine dining location, and the prices reflect the top-notch service, food and views. This was a splurge, and I don’t regret a thing. It wasn’t a three or four course meal – it was eight. After dinner, a stop for drinks at the HI-SO Rooftop Bar left me with picturesque views and nice buzz to finish out the evening.

In the morning, the heavenly hotel vibes continued with breakfast at Inspiration of the Fire. This is easily the best breakfast buffet in Bangkok, possibly even the world. No one leaves hungry here – there’s something for everyone. From homemade waffles and crepes, to fresh salmon sashimi. The menu is unlike any other.

Finally, the relaxing stay ended with a splash in the infinity pool, complete with views overlooking Lumpini Park. The view here is the best pool view in Bangkok.

The MIXO lobby bar at SO Sofitel Bangkok has the best drinks served in the city.
SO Sofitel Bangkok is a 5-star hotel without the 5-star price. For about $180 a night, you’ll live like a king and queen. Not only will you not want to leave, but you definitely won’t find a deal this good anywhere in the U.S.

Book your room. Pack your bags. And remember to make every trip the trip of a lifetime.

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